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Our Pricing

Whether you’re on a vacation and wanting extra rest, initiating your wellness journey, or committed to a regular health-optimizing regimen, we’ve curated memberships, special offers, and packages tailored to suit your unique needs.

Our Services

60 Min. Float

Private room for a 60 minute float


60 Min. Massage

60 minute massage


30 Min. Sauna

30 minute sauna session



Float & Massage

Get a 60 min. float and 60 min. massage on the same day.


Intro 3 Float Pack

Get three 60 min. floats for the price of two! Earn a 4th bonus float by completing them within 3 weeks. New customers only!


Three Floats

Get three 60 minute floats for $75/ Float!


Three Massages

Get three 60 minute massages for $90/ Massage


Live Well Memberships

Float Membership

One 60 min. float session every month with VIP member perks. No commitment!


Massage Membership

One 60 min. float session and one 60 minute massage every month with VIP member perks. No commitment!


Member Perks

  • Complimentary upgrades to 90-minute floats when available
  • Additional Floats at $59
  • Additional 60-Minute Massages at $89
  • Preferred scheduling
  • Courtesy spa towel
  • Unlimited gift certificates at member price
  • 10% off all retail items and supplements
  • Free Float or FIR Sauna on your birthday
  • Bring a friend at member price
  • FREE “Go Float Yourself” T-Shirt
  • Ability to freeze your membership for up to 2 months each year
  • No commitment, cancel anytime