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Infertility Treatment

The Chicago Stress Relief Center, Inc. (CSRC) provides comprehensive psychological health care to clients undergoing infertility based challenges. All clinical services are managed via the founder and clinical director, Dr. Howard K. Weissman, Psy.D.

Pregnancy rates increased among infertile women who supported medical therapies with stress reduction or support group treatment. Harvard University investigators reported at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine meeting that 76% of women who participated in stress management groups with other infertile women became pregnant after 1 year as compared to 28% of those not in a cognitive therapy group.


-USA Today, October 6, 1998.

In addition to providing individual, marital and group therapy to clients undergoing infertility stress, Dr. Weissman lectures on the psychological impact of infertility stress, and created a guided IVF relaxation meditation that is available via MP3, which has become a standard for all patients undergoing IVF treatment. Dr. Weissman’s article, “Mind/Body Approaches to Managing Infertility” is also available to all new clients.

The services include “emotional empowerment sessions” provided in a confidential individual and/or marital format.

Specific infertility stress services offered by The Chicago Stress relief Center, Inc. include the following

Emotional Empowerment Sessions
During the diagnostic phase of the infertility work-up, all patients go through two emotional empowerment sessions. You can expect to gain a greater understanding of how infertility stress is impacting your life. Concrete skills are taught to aid the individual/couple in managing the multitude of ways infertility stress manifests. We teach deep relaxation, guided imagery, cognitive restructuring, pain management and communication skills enhancement. Telephone consultation is available for clients in crisis.

Managing Infertility Stress: A Monthly Group Experience

  • Are you going through IVF?
  • Are you considering donor egg or sperm?
  • Are you wondering if your inability to conceive is your fault?
  • Are you stressed by the multitude of procedures you are going through?
  • Have you miscarried and struggle to get the support you deserve?
  • Are you grieving the loss of parenthood?
  • Are you wishing your partner understood how you are feeling more often?

If you said YES to any of these questions, let us know, and we can add you to our next available group.

IVF Training
For those undergoing IVF, we provide two sessions specifically designed to teach deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, and positive visualization and meditation exercises. These skills have proven especially helpful for all patients preparing for egg retrieval. Research strongly supports the use of these skills in increasing one’s likelihood for conception.

Egg and Sperm Donor Assessments
The egg donor program evaluates the mental health of the donor via psychological instruments and a clinical interview. Verbal feedback and an individualized report is provided to your reproductive endocrinologist.

If you’re including these five pillars or principles in your interactions with your partner, you are building the groundwork to move and change no matter what type of relationship challenge is present.

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