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Experience Lasting Relief from Stress

A holistic philosophy to empower you

Our holistic philosophy aims at empowering you to calm the often chaotic forces that can hijack the mind and negatively impact the body. By developing a new relationship with stress, our strategy helps you find your passionate purpose as you develop a healthier balance and greater personal satisfaction.

Get an individualized approach, made for you

With our professional team, you will find natural ways to transform the stress that binds you.

We encourage each person to consider a consultation with a member of our team to understand their specific relationship to stress better, and it’s impact on one’s body and one’s life. After a thorough evaluation, an individualized approach is developed to assist you in achieving your personal wellness vision.

Float Therapy

Private, custom Ocean Float Rooms.


Professional customized mental health support.


Enhance your experience with our spa services.

“Best experience of my life, life changing! New perspective of priorities, de-stressed, memory better, refocused. The effects have lasted over a month and counting. Highly recommend for anyone with stressful life, loss of loved one!”

Sylvia H.Verified 5-Star Google Review

“The float + massage combo is amazing! You feel like a wet noodle when you leave this place. With all the stress going on in the world, these healing sessions have become increasingly important to allow my body and mind to rest and restore. I highly recommend you treat yourself. You deserve it!”

Mike F.Verified 5-Star Google Review

a better life

a better life

a better life

a better life

a better life

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

Pause… and evolve the way you live

Dr. Howard K. Weissman

Schedule a consultation with the founder and clinical director of The Chicago Stress Relief Center, Inc., Dr. Weissman. After a 75-minute consultation, you will know how to naturally shift the stress and challenges in your life and understand the path necessary to reclaim your power and health goals.


"I just LOOOVE floating. It is the ultimate self care practice. If you can’t seem to meditate this is the perfect introduction to the feeling of bliss of meditation. I go in and out of consciousness but mainly I’m always present and aware with thoughts floating in and out. I’m able to process my week/month/life while in this state... Overall amazing experience! Def part of my every other month routine now."

Masha V.Verified 5-Star Google Review

Floating for Anxiety Relief

Learn about the clinical studies